The Idea

Visions of Moresnet is an artistic project for artists, musicians, poets, photographers and film makers in the EU-region. By working together within these different disciplines, thirteen events will be created which will connect artists, cultural scenes and the audience.

Cultural Concept

The cultural concept of Visions of Moresnet is open for all kinds of initiatives and creativity of the artists and operates within local, provincial and regional grounds. All events will be unique and authentic and will take place in surprising venues and locations in the area.


The main goal of Visions of Moresnet is connecting, working together and creating new groups of artists. We want to bring new creativity and fresh views to project leaders as well as makers and visitors- in a multilingual and creatively diverse way.

We from Visions of Moresnet, offer a stage to amateurs, talents and high end artists in performing arts, poetry, photography, video art, and alternative pop music, and bring them together to create more and better.

Note that this initiative is crowdsourced- meaning that it will not be completed until the day the events start.